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What Essential Marvel F18+ moviesilms to Watch Before Avenge     time :2018-05-21   The editor :admin  browse :time

Civil War also introduces two new MCU heroes who will be critical in Infinity War - Spider-Man and Black Panther. Both characters have since had their own solo movies, but you learn everything you need to know about the two in Civil War.

Avengers: Infinity War will bring together a wider swath of Marvel superheroes than any Avengers film yet, but just who exactly will be in the movie? Click right to find out who is confirmed for the 2018 release. Spoilers follow for all the Marvel movies to date!

59 Images from Avengers: Infinity War Trailer

Avengers: Infinity War - Every Character Confirmed

The road to Infinity War became a lot clearer in the second Avengers movie. This film introduced the Mind Stone, revealing it to have been hidden within Lokis mind-controlling staff and serving as the catalyst for the birth of Vision. Based on the Infinity War trailers, Visions days could be numbered as the Black Order comes to reclaim that stone.

The most recent Thor movie did quite a lot to alter the status quo of the MCU and pave the way for Infinity War. This film chronicles the destruction of Asgard as hinted at in Age of Ultron and Thors rise to power as the new king of a homeless people. The post-credits scene directly sets up the events of Infinity War.

Captain America and the Falcon: Secret Empire.

Theres also the ct that The First Avenger revolves heavily around the Tesseract, the Hydra artict that Red Skull used to power his army and which contained the first Infinity Stone to be introduced in the MCU - the Space Stone. Were crossing our fingers that Infinity War or its sequel will even address the uncertain te of Red Skull himself.

The definitive Thanos story and one of the most eye-popping stories in Marvel Comics\u2019 history, Infinity Gauntlet unfolds the Mad Titan\u2019s quest for power like a horror story, culminating in a desperate all-out assault by earth\u2019s heroes. Based on what we know about Infinity War, this is the source material it will draw from most heavily, and small wonder. There is an actual comic series called Infinity War that followed this one, but the less said about it the m\/2018\/03\/06\/infinity-gauntlet-06.jpg,styleUrl:http:\/\/\/2018\/03\/06\/infinity-gauntlet-06_size.jpg,credit:,objectRelationName:,objectRelationUrl:,albumName:7 Best Comics to Read for Avengers: Infinity War,relativePosition:02,albumTotalCount:08,caption:

This arc has the Avengers cing off against the Hood \u2014 a generally containable threat who becomes considerably more dangerous when he starts collecting the Infinity Gems. Yes, the Infinity Gems (or \u201cStones\u201d if you\u2019re going by the movie\u2019s lingo), those mysterious, all-purpose MacGuffins of immense power take center stage here. In past stories, the Infinity Gems have suffered from being a little vague in their exact capabilities, but this story shows off their individual capabilities.,height:500,width:323,url:http:\/\/\/2018\/03\/06\/avengers-vol-2-01.jpg,styleUrl:http:\/\/\/2018\/03\/06\/avengers-vol-2-01_size.jpg,credit:,objectRelationName:,objectRelationUrl:,albumName:7 Best Comics to Read for Avengers: Infinity War,relativePosition:03,albumTotalCount:08,caption:

For more on Infinity War, read up onwhy Bruce Banner has a Hulk problem in the film.

Avengers: Infinity War will bring together a wider swath of Marvel superheroes than any Avengers film yet, but just who exactly will be in the movie? Click right to find out who is confirmed for the 2018 release. Spoilers follow for all the Marvel movies to date!

While not generally regarded as one of the better MCU movies, Thor: The Dark World makes one important contribution by introducing another Infinity Stone, the Reality Stone, found in the destructive weapon known as the Aether. This film also sets the stage for the current status quo of Asgard, ending with Odin being betrayed and replaced by his adopted son, Loki.

Ragnarok is also a key chapter in the story of Thors relationship with his brother, Loki. All signs point to Loki having a big moment of truth in Infinity War, and its best to have the full context for his connections to Thor and Thanos. Its also a big movie for Hulk, explaining what the character has been up to in the years since Age of Ultron and why his return to Earth is such a big deal.

With Avengers: Infinity War hitting theaters, here are all the comics you should read to know more about Thanos, the Infinity Stones, that battle in Wakanda, and more.

This story finds Thanos to be something of a disgraced mob boss who must rebuild his business and reputation. It\u2019s pretty thrilling stuff, made all the more intriguing by the inclusion of a few rogue elements, like Thanos\u2019 lothario brother Starfox, and a revelation that Thanos is infected with a disease that could very well be the end of him. We learn a little more about what makes this guy tick \u2014 and why he\u2019s the most dangerous thing in the Marvel universe.,height:537,width:633,url:http:\/\/\/2018\/03\/06\/thanos-returns-24.jpg,styleUrl:http:\/\/\/2018\/03\/06\/thanos-returns-24_size.jpg,credit:,objectRelationName:,objectRelationUrl:,albumName:7 Best Comics to Read for Avengers: Infinity War,relativePosition:06,albumTotalCount:08,caption:

Steve Rogers character arc looks to be a big focus in Infinity War, as the man formerly known as Captain America comes to terms with his uncertain place in the world. For that reason alone, its worth going back to the first Cap movie and reliving his early World War II exploits. Plus, this film gives necessary context to the Steve/Bucky relationship as the two friends are finally reunited (sans brainwashing) in Infinity War.

The first Guardians movie is also notable for introducing the Power Stone (encased in the Orb everyone is after in this film), which looks to be among the first Thanos adds to his Infinity Gauntlet. Plus, one of the biggest selling points of Infinity War is that it features the first team-up between the Avengers and the Guardians, so it doesnt hurt to see where the latter team got their start.

7 Best Comics to Read for Avengers: Infinity War

The Essential Marvel Films to Watch Before Avengers: Infinity War

7 Best Comics to Read for Avengers: Infinity War

With Avengers: Infinity War hitting theaters, here are all the comics you should read to know more about Thanos, the Infinity Stones, that battle in Wakanda, and more.

Every Avengers movie is essential viewing ahead of Infinity War. And given that Captain America: Civil War is basically The Avengers 2.5, its among the most critical MCU movies. Civil War is most crucial when it comes to establishing the present state of the Avengers, showing how the llout of Age of Ultron and the ratification of the Sokovia Accords drove a wedge right down the middle of the team. One of the biggest challenges cing Cap, Iron Man and the rest in Infinity War is that they arent united against this powerful new threat.

Heres a photo breakdown of every frame of Avengers: Infinity War trailer.

Heres Why Thanos Wants the Infinity Stones in Infinity War

What Essential Marvel Films to Watch Before Avengers: Infinity War

The original Secret Empire, released in 1974 by Steve Englehart and Sal Buscema during their Captain America and the Falcon run, is a stone cold classic. The story follows Cap investigating a government conspiracy that, he discovers, goes up much, much higher than he could have dreamed. What followed was a period in which Cap was disillusioned with U.S. politics. He ditched the flag costume and started calling himself Nomad. It was a dark time, and it\u2019s got a lot in common with where Steve Rogers found himself at the end of Captain America: Civil War\u2026 and where we\u2019re likely going to pick up with Cap once Infinity War begins.,height:1786,width:1200,url:http:\/\/\/2018\/03\/06\/secret-empire-19.jpg,styleUrl:http:\/\/\/2018\/03\/06\/secret-empire-19_size.jpg,credit:,objectRelationName:,objectRelationUrl:,albumName:7 Best Comics to Read for Avengers: Infinity War,relativePosition:05,albumTotalCount:08,caption:

Where the Infinity Stones Are Now In Marvel Comics

This ones still in theaters, but you canpre-order it on Amazonnone-the-less

But in a larger sense, Age of Ultron was all about alluding to bigger, darker events awaiting the Avengers. Tony Stark has a nightmare/hallucination about the team being destroyed by an unstoppable cosmic threat, influencing his reckless decision to create Ultron. Similarly, Thor is haunted by visions of extinction - visions which would shortly come to pass for Asgard.

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Heres a photo breakdown of every frame of Avengers: Infinity War trailer.

A prequel to the Infinity Gauntlet that hearkens back to the days when the Silver Surfer was a \u2014 if not the \u2014 major player in Marvel\u2019s cosmic tales, Rebirth of Thanos follows Thanos\u2019 quest to collect the Infinity Gems from the Elders of the Universe, while giving some insights the whys and hows of his quest. ,height:1273,width:828,url:http:\/\/\/2018\/03\/06\/silver-surfer-21.jpeg,styleUrl:http:\/\/\/2018\/03\/06\/silver-surfer-21_size.jpeg,credit:,objectRelationName:,objectRelationUrl:,albumName:7 Best Comics to Read for Avengers: Infinity War,relativePosition:07,albumTotalCount:08,caption:

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Thanos Rising is an origin story that delves into not just in how Thanos came to be public enemy number one in the Marvel Universe, but why, adding layer upon layer of deft psychological characterization to their central figure, showing that the nickname \u201cthe Mad Titan\u201d is no misnomer.,height:700,width:477,url:http:\/\/\/2018\/03\/06\/thanos-rising-26.jpg,styleUrl:http:\/\/\/2018\/03\/06\/thanos-rising-26_size.jpg,credit:,objectRelationName:,objectRelationUrl:,albumName:7 Best Comics to Read for Avengers: Infinity War,relativePosition:08,albumTotalCount:08] data-ads-disabled=lse data-ad-frequency=5 data-image-size=1280w

Avengers: Infinity War - Every Character Confirmed

Fortunately, you dont actually have to rewatch all 18 MCU movies to prep for Infinity War. Were breaking down the essentials here, the ones that introduce key characters or deal directly with the Infinity Stones that will be such an important part of this new superhero epic. Check them out below...

If you need a crash course in all things MCU, these eight movies will get you up to speed.

Prior to Infinity War, most of Thanos screen time came in 2014s Guardians of the Galaxy. That film more firmly established his role as a shadowy power player on the intergalactic scene, as well as his habit of raising women like Gamora and Nebula to be his fiercely loyal assassins. Expect the relationship between Thanos and his wayward daughters to be a major focus in Infinity War.

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Infinity War marks the first time well see Stephen Strange and Wong fight alongside the Avengers, so it doesnt hurt to go back and watch their MCU debut in 2016s Doctor Strange. This film is also important in that it introduces the Eye of Agamotto, a time-manipulating artict that houses the Time Stone. Thanks to Doctor Strange, theres only one final Infinity Stone to be revealed - the Soul Stone.

The Avengers marks the first time Earths Mightiest Heroes banded together to fight a common enemy. This movie is the true launching point for much of whats unfolded since in the MCU. Not to mention that it technically showcased the first conflict between the Avengers and Thanoss forces, though that ct wasnt made clear until the mid-credits scene.

Perhaps most importantly, The Avengers hinges on Lokis efforts to steal the Tesseract and acquire it for Thanos. Based on the trailers for Infinity War, it seems Loki will be given one last chance to fulfill that mission.

In terms of its ties to Infinity War, Black Panther isnt quite as essential as the other films on this list. The title character himself is already introduced in Captain America: Civil War. That said, its still worth adding it to your watch list if theres time. It looks as though one of the major action sequences in Infinity War takes place in Wakanda and will feature new n-vorite characters like Okoye and MBaku. Plus, Black Panther is one of the best MCU films to date, and theres never a bad time to rewatch it.

WithAvengers: Infinity Warout in theaters, you might be wondering what the best movies to watch before seeing it are -- or what the best films to go back and rewatch are. And while this new Marvel movie pays off on 10 years worth of MCU storylines, the only downside to so much build-up is that its pretty time-consuming for ns to sit down and rewatch all these movies. Thats to say nothing of people who might only just now be getting into the MCU. After all, Black Panther couldnt have made as much money as it did without attracting a few newcomers.

Captain America and the Avengers are waging a massive intergalactic war for the te of the universe, which leaves earth unprotected from the likes of Thanos, who heads for earth with his Black Order in tow on an ambiguous but very bad-sounding mission. This is a good way to get to know the Black Order, Thanos\u2019 team of five henchmen who are each, on their own, powerful enough to hold off any number of superheroes. This story also features the assault of Thanos\u2019 army on Wakanda, a pivotal event seen in the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War.,height:500,width:337,url:http:\/\/\/2018\/03\/06\/infinity-10.jpg,styleUrl:http:\/\/\/2018\/03\/06\/infinity-10_size.jpg,credit:,objectRelationName:,objectRelationUrl:,albumName:7 Best Comics to Read for Avengers: Infinity War,relativePosition:04,albumTotalCount:08,caption:

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59 Images from Avengers: Infinity War TrailerWhat Essential Marvel F18+ moviesilms to Watch Before Avengers Infinity War

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